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OpenGL unusual error
05-06-2017, 05:43 PM
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OpenGL unusual error
I've tried for over an hours now, can't find anything about my issue. Although it wasn't an issue.

I started PPSSPP just fine with FFTactics and tried to switch some compabilities to see if PPSSPP will be faster, less FPS lags etc etc.

I switched to OpenGL to try that and now my emulator wont even start properly, just "Windows Error occured see ya". All I wanna do is change the settings back, but this is how far I get:

I installed earlier versions of PPSSPP and it works fine with 1.1., but the game doesnt run as smoothly.

How can I change that freaking setting back when the emulator closed upon me every time? It's really facepalm if the game works at first and then doesn't for a simple error you cant switch back.

Any help appriciated.

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