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Valkyria Chronicles Multiplayer help?
08-27-2016, 04:36 AM
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Valkyria Chronicles Multiplayer help?
PPSSPP Version 1.2.2
using hamachi
trying to do 2player coop; im hosting with my hamachi ip in the ad hoc server ip address box, with built in server enabled and different mac addresses than each other. all other settings in ppsspp are the exact same from default. firewall on both of us is off.

desc of what happens:
i host game, picking one of the first coop missions. friend can join lobby, but when starting the game only i go to a black screen with a blinking communications thing at top-right of the screen, while my friend stays in the lobby until eventually we both get DC'ed with a connection error.

when my friend hosts, we both go to the COMM screen, however we eventually get dc'ed on the same screen.

if more info is needed, i will end asap; i really want to play this game with my friend.
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08-29-2016, 12:48 AM
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RE: Valkyria Chronicles Multiplayer help?
huh, now i'm getting a new error; whenever i do anything that would enable adhoc in Valkyria Chronicles II, the game locks up and doesn't respond for awhile, before going into a continuous "connecting, please wait..." screen.
still on ppsspp 1.2.2 , put just started getting this error today... this is starting to make my head hurt quite a bit.
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