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HTC 10
08-24-2016, 02:45 PM
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HTC 10
Firsr of all I want to apologize my lack of english skills and I hope it's ok to post this here. I didn't see any thread about the HTC 10 so I wanted to ask this way if somebody got some problems like I have. I think this device should be good enough for almost every game, but maybe I'm just wrong. It feels like I tried almost every setting. I'm afraid of rooting my device and I also don't if this would help anyway. If someone knows something about HTC 10 support for ppsspp or anything I made wrong I'm happy with every response.

And something else. I tried to connect ps3 and ps4 controller by using an otg cable but my device only loads the controller but I can not use it. Is something wrong with the cable or is there no support on my device?

Thanks for every response!
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08-26-2016, 05:24 AM (This post was last modified: 08-26-2016 05:35 AM by flawless911.)
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RE: HTC 10
Use this settings as a Base
U can adjust it later per-game by Creating a Custom Game Config in the game settings (accessed by holding down the game icon in PPSSPP)

Backend: OpenGL
Mode: Buffered Rendering
Simulate Block: Marked
Frameskip: Off
Auto Frameskip: Unmarked
Prevent FPS: Marked
Alternative Speed: 0/Unlimited
Post-processing: Off
Rendering Resolution: 2xPSP
Display Resolution: Native Device Resolution
Mipmapping: Marked
Hardware Transform: Marked
Software Skinning: Marked
Vertex Cache: Marked
Lazy Texture: Marked
Retain Texture: Marked
Disable Slow Effects: Unmarked
Spline Bezier curve: Low or Medium (Unnoticeable)
Upscale Level: Off
Anisotropic: Off
Unmark everything under "Hack settings" EXCEPT Texture Coord Speedhack

Fast Memory: Marked
Multithreading: Unmarked (Don't even bother considering it, it guarantees Slowdown in 99% of games I've tested)
I/O on Thread: Marked
Change PSP Clock: Leave at 0/Auto (U can adjust it later per-game if absolutely necessary)

Simulate Block Transfer: Some games need this enabled in other to display Cutscenes/CGI Videos (The 3rd Birthday) while some need it disabled to prevent rendering some slow graphical effects (Burnout Games), so adjust this as necessary if u notice slowdown in whatever game u are testing

Frameskip and Auto Frameskip: Whenever u need some aggressive speed boost in games, adjust frameskip to 1, 2 or 3 and mark Auto Frameskip. You will sacrifice FPS smoothness (game will appear "skippy") but u will get overall speed (sound will no longer crack)

Disable Slow Effects: This option turns some games from Super slow to Super Fast but at the variable expense of Graphical Effects (motion blur in racing game, bloom effect in Undead Knight, Dante's Inferno, etc). Just Mark this option and see the difference then decide for yourself, depending on the game

CPU Clock: Some Games need u to adjust this to a lower number (never ever go above 222; which is the stock PSP clockrate)
The values you should try out per-game is 111, 90, 80, 60 and 30
The lower you go, the lower yr FPS (game smoothness). Meaning, going as low as 30 can really mess up your game
Also some games get glitchy with low Clock rates and some games crash immediately if u set your CPU clock to anything other than 0 or 222 (stock psp clock), examples are Tekken 6 or WWE SvR 2011

Multithreading: Seriously, forget this option.. Seriously.. Am not kidding.. Don't mark it.. Ever!

Test and give feedback :-)

For your PS3/4 controller, Buy Sixaxis Controller from the Playstore, and follow the instructions
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08-29-2016, 10:13 PM
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RE: HTC 10
Thank you for the quick reply! I tried your settings and I think it's a little better now but I only get fullspeed if i skip two frames. But it's totally playable and so I'm really happy with your help!
Games like kh bbs are running fullspeed without frameskip without any problems. At first I thought racing games are simply too fast for my phone but for example burnout legends runs, too. But wipeout and gta are some of the hardest games for the psp i think.
And i found out that the firmware of my phone lacks sixaxis support, so I think i can not do anything except rooting my phone. And thats a thing I'm a little scared about. But it would probably help for performance in ppsspp. Am I right?
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08-31-2016, 02:13 PM
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RE: HTC 10
Rooting your phone will not magically increase it's performance, but it allows for a few "issues" to be fixed depending on if they are issues.

Rooting allows for access to settings like the governor, this is the code that tells your phone how to allow your cpu to perform tasks. (Which cores to use and how hard to run those cores) Most phones are setup for battery life not pure performance, but changing these settings to mor performance will negatively effect battery life.
Rooting may also allow your DS3/4 contorller to work, but do not root for that since it is not a guarantee even with root access and you can pick up a reasonable bt controller for android for at most $40.

Finally your HTC 10 is a relatively powerful device with the SD820 cpu and adreno 530 cpu, but it is no match for almost any computer/laptop and it will not run all psp games at fullspeed.
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09-03-2016, 03:06 PM
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RE: HTC 10
Thank you for this advice! I bought a bluetooth controller (ipega) now and everything works fine. And I had this suspicion that the hardware isn't good enough on smartphones especially for games like wipeout.
Thank you both again for your quick answers!
And I apologize my english again. I'm german Wink
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