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Can we get a HENkaku port?
08-26-2016, 02:12 PM
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RE: Can we get a HENkaku port?
It seems like it would be much easier to patch the PSP emulator while in memory on the Vita to enable ISO loading and homebrew than to port PPSSPP. PPSSPP on ARM is a JOKE compared to PPSSPP on Intel and AMD processors. A 10 year old laptop could run many PSP games at full speed using PPSSPP, while modern phones struggle to cope.

Running PPSSPP on the Vita with only 444mhz to work with would be horrible and I highly doubt somebody is going to customize PPSSPP enough to use the MIPS processor in the Vita, if that's even possible that is. Let's just hope someone finds a way to alter the PSP emulator while in memory, as this would be a much easier and simple solution to our problem.
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