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Adding rumble support
04-29-2015, 06:36 AM
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Adding rumble support

I would like to contribute to PPSSPP by adding a rumble support, at least on GNU/Linux first. I have a few ideas to implement that, but I don't have (yet) a clear idea of the project's architecture and might not go in the right direction.

My first idea was to intercept a sound effect call, and depending of its internal number (or whatever the PSP uses), call the rumble function. It seems very hacky and only offers the possibility to bind rumble with sound.

My second idea was to add a function under Core/HLE, like sceRumble; this way it becomes a function callable like any other. The problem is how to use it? I believe action replay codes are only able to overwrite a RAM address with a value, is it possible to interact with the game?
For example, in LocoRoco, how can I hook to the event when a moja is hit?

Thanks for your help Smile
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