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Toukiden Kiwami
07-23-2015, 06:54 PM
Post: #16
RE: Toukiden Kiwami
Just dropping some info about combining pc version translation to psp version, warning - this is not a guide and never will be, just bunch of random info I'm pretty much abandoning ~ use as you want as long as you can figure it out by yourself.

Starting from files I replaced ~ there's surely more, ie. for mitama backstory descriptions, dlc's mitama names and whatever else I was too lazy to dig up:
psp(1.07) vs pc(latest from steam) - linkdata is never updated directly so version only matters for psp side since it stores lots of text in external update files
story and npc stuff:
linkdata_a.bin/13 with linkdata0.bin/
linkdata_a.bin/14 with linkdata0.bin/
linkdata_a.bin/15 with linkdata0.bin/
linkdata_a.bin/16 with linkdata0.bin/
linkdata_a.bin/17 with linkdata0.bin/
linkdata_a.bin/18 with linkdata0.bin/
linkdata_a.bin/21 with linkdata0.bin/
linkdata_a.bin/26 with linkdata0.bin/
items, abilities and more:
\PDATA\30000.EDAT with linkdata0.bin/
\PDATA\30002.EDAT with linkdata0.bin/
\PDATA\31106.EDAT with linkdata0.bin/
\PDATA\32902.EDAT with linkdata0.bin/
I didn't bothered to even look for any textures, as they would have to be resized and repacked for use in psp version which is quite a lot more work without anything interesting going on with it.

Existing tools for extraction and repacking of game archives:
-Kelebek script for psp version,
-Lavos script(and nice description of the really easy to understand format;p) for pc version.
Both of those scripts are python 2.x, Kelebek script can extract even some pc files althrough it doesn't recognize all archives, no deeper extraction is really needed and to extract/repack just linkdata archives those scripts are more than enough.

The interesting part - some typical jp->en translation issues to solve/work around:
- as seen in the screenshots most text doesn't fit completely and need hacks to extend the displayed lenght,
- game doesn't use high memory layout and since english text takes more space, needs hack to load at least 1 bigger text file to 0x0A000000+ memory range, use some extra compression or any other workaround, otherwise when replacing all files, at least one whichever loads last will never load to memory,
- subtitles also doesn't display at all unless converted to full width since the half width font texture doesn't load during the movies, would also need some hack for that.

Some addresses I found(v1.07) which might be usefull for start for stuff like vwf or other hacks:
font width - 0x088EF2D8(height and other stuff is around as well),
distance between letters - 088EF338,
lenght of some textboxes limits - a0 in 0x088EF3AC, it's set as a2 in many places in the code followed by jal 0x088EE534, for example here 0x08A0BBB8, most shorter texts have an additional separate limit and both would need to be hacked anyway,

Not counting issues listed earlier the game suprisingly works fine, doesn't crash or anything with just text files replaced, still looks better than the fan made partial translation for orginal Toukiden and is not limited to some buggy unpatched version of the game, as a matter of fact most translation stored in update files makes the whole thing easier. Interesting it even has psp specific translation lines(UMD stuff), through I doubt they ever planned to release psp to the west, more likely they just translated everything including unused files.

The biggest thing is that you have to own pc version to even bother so the whole thing get's kind of pointless as psp is inferior version. Even if someone would make a patch, it would have to require both games and repack stuff like ff12izjs patcher did as translation is certainly copyrighted making it useless for people with just the psp version.

The only valid point of doing anything with it would be to learn more about psp translation specific hacks, that's why I messed with it in the first place, but it's seems too time consuming, so I'm out of it. - Custom PPSSPP Shaders! - simple CE scripts to help creating CWCheats, - CWCheat workarounds.
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