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[Tutorial] Android-Host LocalMultiplayer using PortableWifiHotspot
11-07-2014, 01:47 AM
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RE: [Tutorial] Android-Host LocalMultiplayer using PortableWifiHotspot
(11-05-2014 10:13 PM)nc50lc Wrote:  BTW, don't use any other Ip Address aside from these:

Using your Phone's Wifi-Hotspot:
Using your Home's Router: <IP Address of your Device> (Wifi->Tap the Name of Network->Ip Address:,,, for xxx=last 3 digits)

If you've done nothing wrong and still unsuccessful, Report to onelight's thread to help them in the test.

Still it doesnt work in tekken 6. Ive tried it so many times with my android phone to connect to my friend using also his android phone. If he is the host using the adhoc server. i pass through the lobby and cant see anything. but his android wont. it prompt " A Network error has occured, current progress will be disconnected". We did perfectly the instructions given here. Change both ip address to ( This is for wifi hotspot right? ) then he open the adhoc server. open ppsspp untick fast memory then go to battle lobby. Is it really compatible with tekken 6? Hmm. how about trying to connect via router? using 2 android phones. what instructions will be done? PLS HELP THANKS A LOT! Im new here.
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