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[Tutorial] Android-Host LocalMultiplayer using PortableWifiHotspot
01-04-2016, 02:31 AM (This post was last modified: 01-04-2016 07:45 AM by vnctdj.)
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RE: [Tutorial] Android-Host LocalMultiplayer using PortableWifiHotspot
(11-09-2015 12:37 AM)Anthelon Wrote:  Hey! somebody can help me up xD i dont understood one procedure and I think is the most important xD... is about the Portable Wi-Fi hotspot... what the heck is that? xD

Wifi Hotspot you can see it on the Setting -> Tethering and Mobile hotspot -> Mobile hotspot-> check it or start the hotspot its only like a wifi but does'nt have internet connection

(11-24-2015 08:44 AM)julinard10 Wrote:  Is it possible if theres no pc? Just androids? And one thing, also got galaxy tab 4 here. Is it smooth? Thanks, Smile

Yeah it works fine just change the setting on the PPSSPP Settings for better performance

oh and also i already played tekken 6 in my samsung grand prime and my old tab 2 it work fine We played tekken 6 multiplayer adhoc its really fun guys

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