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[Tutorial] Android-Host LocalMultiplayer using PortableWifiHotspot
08-15-2015, 08:52 AM
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RE: [Tutorial] Android-Host LocalMultiplayer using PortableWifiHotspot
Hello everyone and first sorry for my bad english... I've read thousand of post on this subject but I still don't see any people having the same problem as me.

I've follow all the instruction on the first page :
- enable a WiFi hot spot and connect the other phone on it (and I didn't install any builds because now it says that we don't need it anymore..)
- put the same IP on the adHoc PRO server of ppsspp :
- enable the Wlan and the pro adHoc server for the one who's hosting the game
- put different Mac address on the two phones
- start the game (mhfu) and when I try to go to the hall (next to the old lady with a big bagpack) a message tell me that there was an error of communication...

Please tell me what I should do or what I did wrong, I begun my research on this forum a week ago and I still can't play with my friend.
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