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How to eliminate choppy sound
06-10-2016, 08:13 AM
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RE: How to eliminate choppy sound
If you would read this thread you would see that the only person who solved the problem for himself was using very heavy feature(texture scaling) on weak hardware and disabling that feature allowed him to fix the problem. You would also see that some people think it's sound being choppy what causes their games to slow down which in reality is the opposite as when they can't run at full speed the sound which is generated by the game also can't be generated correctly and get's choppy.

You listed:
- mobile with Snapdragon 600,
- netbook/weak laptop with GT840M,
- old and weak pc with GTX560ti.

Neither of which are enough to run PPSSPP with all features and as a matter of fact even much stronger actual gaming pc's would cry from some of our features especially combined with some harder to emulate games which while rare does exist and some of them might even be popular.

Starting with android it's really hit and miss, doesn't matter what model you have and how much you paid for it, some of them never get driver updates and come with terribly buggy/generic drivers that are annoying to support, require workarounds and in the end will still work pretty badly even if on paper they have much more power.

While pc's are always stronger we do have lots of options which we probably should hide as most users have very basic or no technical knowledge and for whatever reason love to abuse settings they have no clue about - ruining their own experience in the process, hence in case of problems, restore default setting would be easiest recommendation, there's an option for that in system settings, going from default settings, some games run much better with vertex cache disabled which is worth trying and pretty safe.
Additionally on pc's with windows we also use better sound api which while faster might cause problems on cheap sound chips that comes with buggy drivers and that could cause sound artifacts all over, changing api to dsound might help there, but it's rare problem.

IO access on terribly fragmented hdd's or green ones that spin down very quickly could also cause this for which caching full iso to ram could help(option in the system settings), however saving states would still access hdd ruining performance.

Hopefully some of that might give you better idea about your problem, however I also don't plan to argue with someone making up weird theories that most people choose to play without sound or psp emulation being more demanding than wii or ps2 ones, that sounds like a troll attempt at best so yeah wish you good luck. - Custom PPSSPP Shaders! - simple CE scripts to help creating CWCheats, - CWCheat workarounds.
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