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OS2PS: PS2 emulator for iOS (FAKE)
03-15-2014, 08:51 PM (This post was last modified: 03-15-2014 08:52 PM by xZabuzax.)
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RE: OS2PS: PS2 emulator for iOS
According to that link:

How To Use PS2 Emulator For iOS

1. Download required files from our site.
2. Send It to the phone via USB/Bluetooth. Any other method.
3. Just Install it by opening it in your file manager programme.
4. Open the „DroidBOX” icon, You’ll be taken to the „Select Rom” Section. Just load the games here. Our tool supports only ISOs and zips.
5. Have fun playing Xbox games!

So... this is a PS2 emulator for iOS that can also play Xbox games, seems legit...

Anyway, that site even have a PS3 emu that supports 91% of the games, for christ sake, i hope no one is foolish enough to download anything from that site.

Is better if you remove that link, peoples might go to that site and download fake emus and get infected.

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