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PSP Font Auto-Generate from TTF
02-28-2014, 06:10 PM (This post was last modified: 03-02-2014 08:30 PM by Bighead.)
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PSP Font Auto-Generate from TTF
I'm a little surprised I haven't seen anything like this yet. I'm sure some have heard of the program ttf2pgf which converts TTF fonts to the PGF format that PSP uses, but its usage is cumbersome to say the least and not very user friendly. It's pretty simple to convert a single font to a single PGF, but creating a whole set is not so easy. I also found a program called CTFtool GUI but I honestly did not care for it, and the functionality of it is limited in comparison.

Anyway, to the point: I have created a batch script for ttf2pgf that generates the entire set in one go, and allows easy configuration to manipulate all the options that the program offers. To use it, copy the font to the folder and run "GenerateFontSet.bat". It will scan for "font.ttf" or you can specify your own name. The rest of the options will present themselves. You can alter the height, horizontal scale, shadows, etc.. of the font, and it will output the set to a "font" folder that is ready to be copied to a PSP or the PPSSPP emulator.

Some combinations will cause ttf2pgf to fail, and not all the fonts will be generated. This seems to happen when the height and spacing are too small and collide in some manner. Generally though, I have tested it with over a dozen fonts and countless combinations and it seems to work well. I am referring to it as ttf2pgf+ because of the added functionality (although I take no actual credit for the program itself).

ttf2pgf+ - Download it Here!

The program came with a file "mkfontset" that I honestly had no idea how to use or even what language it was in. The batch is based off that file. I have also included a more up-to-date version of cygwin1.dll that seems to have sped up the conversion process by about 75% than the version included with the program. I am also including a screenshot of it in action.

For those who are just looking for a nice font to replace the bulky PPSSPP font, you can try this one based on the free font "Union". All the text actually fits on the screen in Lunar, and it doesn't look too bad on Dissidia either.

Download Union font for PSP - Font Webpage - Not sure what language it is in.

Script Edits:
v2: Modified the default values. The first batch of fonts I tested with were bulky so smaller values worked better than the original defaults.
v3: If a "font" folder is found it will now ask if you want to delete it before entering a bunch of options. Also outputs a log file of the last set of options used.
v4: Height section is now "Size" because it also affects the width. Horizontal spacing for large and small fonts can now be changed independently of each other.

I don't think it can get much better than it is now. It would require editing the source for ttf2pfg and fixing it so it properly generates small fonts which is beyond me. Small fonts are basically being generated as large fonts. Read the 4th post to learn more. I found it on the web so I'm offering a download link if anyone wants to take a stab at it, although I'm not really sure if its actually the same program or version. - ttf2pgf source code

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