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I added iCade support to the iOS Build
06-04-2013, 08:38 PM
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RE: I added iCade support to the iOS Build
(06-03-2013 06:32 PM)jtraynham Wrote:  I've known about btstack for a while, but never looked at it until now. Yes, it can (and probably would be) used to connect a wiimote to PPSSPP, however, it doesn't have any wiimote specific support in it. In other words, it would allow you to connect to the wiimote, but that's it. You still have to know how to talk to it to get any useful information out of it. There may still be other open source libraries out there that have already done all the work, though. If not, it would all need to be hand coded. I might be more persuaded to work on it if I actually had a classic controller to test with.

The guy that wrote btstack also has a jailbreak app called blutrol which lets you map on screen controls to physical buttons on your controllers. It works with the wiimote and even a PS3 controller. Unfortunately, it's not free ($7), and since it's not something actually built into PPSSPP, it may or may not work well. But, it's an option that's out there.

I see... Well, it seems I'll have to wait some time to see it supported. I can't find the source code for adding classic controller support. I'll try to talk with some devs who gave support for that controller to their games.
Anyway, as far as I know, blutrol has support for the wiimote, but not for the classic controller. The wiimote doesn't even have enough buttons Sad
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