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PPSSPP new test build for playing online over Ad-hoc
03-26-2020, 09:56 AM (This post was last modified: 03-26-2020 01:21 PM by AdamN.)
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RE: PPSSPP new test build for playing online over Ad-hoc
(02-15-2020 06:42 AM)AdamN Wrote:  Updated test build to fix GvG Next Plus, but i don't really like this fix since it's being forceful Sad
Let me know if it breaks any other game, especially PSP2

Windows 32bit & 64bit builds:
Android ARMv7 32bit build:
Android ARMv8 64bit build:
*For Windows: You may need to download the latest dev build v1.9.3 from here first, and then put the Test EXE in the same folder with the regular PPSSPP EXE

WARNING! Sometimes you may no longer be able to load your old SaveStates, and Saving State with these test builds might also no longer works when loaded on official PPSSPP, so make sure you have a backup!

Debug Builds for Crashes/Forced close
Debug v193test-289-g8048977ba:
Debug v193test-355-g3f382ec9d:
Debug v193test-481-gd0e2aa3a4:
Debug v193test-575-g8b6d2f902:
*Use debug version if you're getting consistent crashes/forced close to get more information on the crash, please test it also on official dev build from to see if the crash also occurred with official builds

PS: Debug version is much slower than regular release version but have verbose log level

Testing Multiple-instance of PPSSPP on a single PC
1). Use this Networking Settings

2). Exit PPSSPP to make sure settings are saved, also make sure PPSSPP EXE are not blocked by firewall
3). Run PPSSPP EXE multiple times, and play the game, no longer need to change any settings
4). When you're done playing using multiple PPSSPP from the same folder, Do Not Exit/Close-down multiple PPSSPP nearly at the same time, otherwise there is a risk of corrupting PPSSPP settings!

- Updated to the latest official commits (which might fix the random crash/black screen)
- Fixed possible crash when Exiting PPSSPP or ending game
- Fixed load save state issue on save states created from earlier test builds

My Modified PPSSPP :
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