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No lag on D-pad or Stick, serious lag on buttons.
01-04-2020, 04:56 AM
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No lag on D-pad or Stick, serious lag on buttons.
Hello, I've been searching around to see if anyone has the same issue I'm having, with no luck.

I'm using an Nvidia Shield K1 Tablet, with 8Bitdo SN30 Pro and N30 Pro 2 controllers... so far emulation on everything I've tried has worked beautifully... N64, Saturn, Ps1, etc. Going down memory lane from the old games sitting in storage Smile

Just got PPSSPP, working flawlessly for the games I tried (MK Unchained and GTA Vice City Stories) until I paired my Bluetooth 8bitdo controller.

No input lag whatsoever through on-screen controls. However, through controllers, I experience terrible lag, but ONLY on button presses, while directional controls are nice and snappy.

See video:

Other threads I've found that had to do with input lag, on this site and others , have only covered issues where ALL input from bluetooth controls lag, and possible solutions for those problems, but I haven't found any on this issue.

Tried the various graphics settings changes recommended, as well as Bluetooth Auto Connect, but none have fixed this issue.

I experienced the same issue on both PPSSPP stand alone as well as through its core on Retroarch.

If I exit PPSSPP and just navigate android or run other emulators, there's no button lag at all.

Any help with this would be tremendously appreciated!
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No lag on D-pad or Stick, serious lag on buttons. - eazytobeat - 01-04-2020 04:56 AM

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