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Ys Seven - HD Texture Pack (WIP)
04-13-2019, 09:20 AM (This post was last modified: 04-15-2020 01:04 AM by Verymelon Benda.)
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Ys Seven - HD Texture Pack (WIP)
[Image: ULUS10551-00008.jpg]

High-resolution textures for Ys Seven (ULUS-10551) support Original version & Undub mod version. Smile

√ Last updated - 05/04/2020
√ Version - 1.37.1

• Progress:

- Title logos & Main menu page: 100%
- Sub-menu in-game: 95%
- Various icons: 95%
- Character image in the dialogue box: 70%
- Character models (Player/NPC): 60%
- Text in the dialogue box & sub-menu: 90%
- Various effects: 50%
- Monsters: 55%
- Fields & Objects on the map: 45%

• Changelog:

Update v1.37.1 (05/04/2020)
- Add more field textures in Kylos Village, Wind Precincts, Iska Village.
- Add monster textures in Wind Precincts.
- Misc fixes.

Update v1.37 (03/04/2020)
- Reduce noise in some textures.
- Add field textures in Kylos Gorge, Kylos Village, Wind Precincts.
- Add monster textures in Kylos Gorge etc.
- Misc fixes.

Update v1.36 (22/02/2020)
- Add missing hashes. (Hot fix)

Update v1.35 (19/02/2020)
- Added more textures character cut-in and portraits. (Cruxie, Scias, Tialuna)
- Added textures Monster in "Well of Souls" complete.
- Change some texture in Altaco Plain and Shrine of Origins etc.
- Minor fixes.

Update v1.31 (22/11/2019)
- Fix transparency on some texture.
(Sorry for the late update, my laptop is broken.)

Update v1.30 (17/08/2019)
- Added textures in Shannoa Forest, Shannoa Village, Ancient Tree, Earth Altar, Cave Byway, Segram Desert, Segram Village, Flame Shrine, Flame Altar and Old Waterway complete.
- Added textures Monster in Shrine of Origins, Segram Desert and Flame Shrine complete.
- Added more textures effect.
- Added more textures character NPC in Shannoa Village and Segram Village complete.
- Added characters cut-in "Cruxie" and "Mustafa"
- Added more textures text banner (Field & Monster).
- Minor fixes.

Update v1.25 (04/08/2019)
- Rework textures in Altaco City and separate to each zone (Harbor, Old Town, Palace, Coliseum).
- Added textures in Altaco Plain (missing), Shannoa Forest (some part), Shannoa Village (some part), Ancient Tree (some part).
- Added textures Monster in Altaco Plain, Shannoa Forest and Ancient Tree complete.
- Added more textures effect.
- Added more textures character NPC (in Altaco City complete).
- Added characters cut-in "Aisha" and fix some other character (like Tia and Zanzibar).
- Support installation of texture pack via PPSSPP directly.

Update v1.2 (04-06-2019)
- Added textures in Altaco plain & Few monsters & more character cut-ins (like Elk and Fatima).

Update v1.1 (15-04-2019)
- Added title logo textures &  more character cut-ins (like Dreisen, Orbus, Doctor Daleyon) and minor fixes.

Update v1.0 (13-04-2019)
- Initial Release.
- Added textures in Main/Sub Menu Screen, GUI, Font, Effect (some part), Character cut-ins (Adol, Dogi, Tia, Maya, Raud, Scias, King Kiemarl), NPC characters (some part) and texture in Altaco City (some part)


√ Comparison shots. Big Grin

[Image: Zombo-Droid-13042019041143.jpg]
[Image: Zombo-Droid-15042020061047.jpg]
[Image: Zombo-Droid-13042019022151.jpg]
[Image: Zombo-Droid-12042019095447.jpg]
[Image: Zombo-Droid-13042019022010.jpg]
[Image: Zombo-Droid-15042020061200.jpg]
[Image: Zombo-Droid-13042019022115.jpg]

And more screenshot...


Download Texture Pack Google drive ( v1.37.1) here... or Github (v1.37.1) here...

Use PPSSPP latest git build version from [url=http: //]here…

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