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Ppsspp darkstalkers on android
03-21-2019, 05:19 PM
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RE: Ppsspp darkstalkers on android
okay, let be some more few examples. Though I want to_leave/to_keep only a first post, cause it should be enough to learn/understand/have_a_start

It seems like:
1. You studied BASIC
2. You want to study C++ in more then two days
3. You want to program for Windows
4. You have an experience of writing software for C64
5. You have a possibility to create a time for learning programming for *N_period_of_time*
6. You want ps2 version of Star Wars:Rogue Leader

1. You want to do things only if you are the first man, and the only one experienced.
2. There are things that you love more then programming.

I write "it seems like" because there is greater possibility that it's a first time when you are thinking of what you exactly want to do with your life. What a perfect world, or society you want to create, or to live with. Or what part of a world can you fit into rules. Or what you want to create/leave_behind, what kind of you will live after a death. Or what to name a death in that case? Or better to say what to define a life? [and then a death]
[I am very sure you want another then I wrote amazing things, at least written in the other, better, yours different way]

Delete all the negative in your last message [you are focusing on ugliness and attracted by failures too much]. And an instead - determine what you love [keep it in secret, share with harvest], use my first post to overcome circumstances and invent all yours more wonderful things.
Quote:I "learned" BASIC and Assembly on the C64, but I never had much talent for programming.
What is a talent? How to get a talent?
At the time of learning did you want to know BASIC, Assembly to make your programs? Or did you want to study because everyone around were studied? Maybe at the moment of studying you wanted something else first more? If you love to make programs, then you will eventually pass a point, when it's only you who know technology and only you can make a magic, a point when you will realise to share to make further progress.
Quote:Things that were easy for others were beyond me. Learning C++ from scratch as well as how to program for Windows isn't something someone picks up in a weekend. And even if I devoted the time to learning all of that, what makes anyone think that I'd be any better at it than I was at trying to write software for the C64, which was MUCH simpler than any system today?
Why things for others seems easier? What an effort, construction\tale are behind them? How to make studying easier?
What a one man's life worth? How much years until death remained? What a person want to_try\to_accomplish before? Is it all that he wants? What kind of world he would leave behind?

Love what you do. If you love something else - then do this. And let others love what they want to. When I am cleaning kitchen it means that I love to make my completely another different work [and that is why I want to clear kitchen as fast as I can to return to my favorite work] while resting/charging/boosting from food/sunlight in clean beautiful well-smelling kitchen, where friends/relatives can enjoy/rest/charge/boost to return to their work, that they love too.

[And now I am posting this because of "cleaning" too. To be better said - because I want see a world more_lovely/more_effective, so that more people would make more awesome things, and we all would do what we love more] [it's like selecting between three [actually more, invent yours] worlds. Where one is where you know a lot [with avoiding of sharing]. Situation, when you can produce things that one most skillful man is capable to. Another one - is where you share with optimal periodical[or else] calculated times, so that you would be capable to gather in team to produce a much greater thing multiplied on man count [something similar to asynchronous multi-threaded programming]. And the third one - is when you are sharing in the second way, plus people are sharing and enhancing world on their own too]
Quote:To put this in perspective; Imagine someone suggesting that you learn how to port the game Star Wars: Rogue Leader from the Gamecude to the Playstation 2, making the game 100% playable and without using any kind of emulation. How long do you think that would take you? Could you do that?
this question is fitting into one man's wishes and world that he creating by them around too. Between 2001-2003 there were great variety of different Star Wars games. There is a great chance that there existed a question "What is better? To work next year, fixing incoming things because of engines differences, day by day, to port a game to ps2 that is already exist, played and reviewed on gamecube? Or to work 1, 1.5, 2 years to bring a new game with something new/innovative/a_little_more_refreshing, and by the way challenge their self and to study in advance, and to leave porting, remakes for a saving buoy role?"

I actually like your suggestion) Before UE4 and Unity existence I would definitely participate in such interesting experience. After time I definitely realised a way to speed up things with a means of team. And tried my best to engage it's optimal amount. Now [for me] it's more interesting to port older games to a modern engines which are advanced and well-documented to see what can be enhanced/advanced in engines their selves. And also for now, I strongly want to accomplish my work before learning all of this. Because I see how world around would become greater once I'm done it.
[I hope you will like to read for example this -> and this ]

It's always okay to_try/to_learn whole world picture. If there was a way in the past to learn these things [along with fixing a hate, and prioritising life, love & peace over anything else] before learning mass-weapons, maybe we would avoid wars, deaths disasters.

Avoid "but" and "no". Workaround with love [over hate] . before post.
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