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UCUS98653 GoW capped at 30fps? Vulkan issue?
12-22-2017, 10:39 PM
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RE: UCUS98653 GoW capped at 30fps? Vulkan issue?
(12-22-2017 09:44 PM)LunaMoo Wrote:  Try latest ppsspp version, it should make a noticeable difference for GOW games as long as you use hack to prevent fps from exceeding 60 as said option wasn't working correctly in older versions.

That being said on AMD, d3d11 will usually be the fastest if you're limited by gpu which with low end gpu, you probably are. Vulkan is only the fastest with cpu bottlenecks. It might also be faster on non-AMD hardware with most cases due to multithreading method which simply doesn't work on AMD where activating it only makes things slower.

I'll definitely try the latest version after a bit. And I did think there was something up with Multi-threading.
Midnight Club LA does seem to run a bit faster for me with Vulkan(sustains full speed better anyways).
The CPU is a 2.2-2.5GHz quad, so it plays most of my games at full-speed.
It randomly does top out GPU though.

Thanks for your response.
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