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Flowars [Windows 10][v1.3-150][intro]
05-02-2020, 06:58 PM
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RE: Flowars [Windows 10][v1.3-150][intro]
jpcsp just fix black screen problem in

The log is interesting.

03:19:41  INFO   loader - SceWaveMain - Found ModuleInfo at 0x08BDDA9C, name:'flowarsMpeg', version: 0101, attr: 0x00000000, gp: 0x08BE81B0
03:19:41  WARN   loader - SceWaveMain - Incorrect s_nid or s_text address in StubHeader #8: Flowars_library
s_modulename    08BDDB44
s_version        0000
s_flags            0009
s_size            0006
s_imports        0000
s_nid            00000000
s_text            00000000
s_vstub            08BDDDEC

Can ppsspp try to make the check to fix the problem ? Thanks.
(04-26-2020 02:52 PM)[Unknown] Wrote:  Very early on:
ReadFromHardware: Invalid address 00000016 PC 08bd0a88 LR 08bd0f90

I wonder if this is related to Mpeg. That's basically all it's done up to this point...

It does call sceUmdActivate twice, which is behavior we saw in another misbehaving game. But I remember checking and it doesn't fail if called twice...


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I want to be a crash fixer
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