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SD Gundam G Generation Overworld
05-02-2017, 03:41 PM
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RE: [Need Help] Game Data Doesn't Load Properly
First of all we have a rule to keep 1 thread per game, this game already has it's own thread in here.

Now, there are two recent, but known problems in ppsspp which could cause missing stuff:
- using PPSSPP 1.4 on android which had missing fonts folder after their location changed, to fix that just update.
- using d3d11 backend on desktop and loading savestates which has a known bug, changing resolution even to same one as a workaround would refresh the screen restoring missing stuff.

Also this game uses psp fonts, without which text might not fit the screen. That font is copyrighted by Sony and can't be legally shared, you have to dump it from psp with any modern cfw(without fan made fonts;p) then replace the font in correct folder, which on a side note in case you updated PPSSPP - changed recently as ppsspp now stores flash0 under assets.

However if same issues happen on different platforms and using savedata(not savestates), then it's probably a problem with your copy of the game.

Especially if you're by chance using a fan translation as those are always buggy and the patching itself or even downloading some large patch itself might sometimes fail effectively breaking stuff. English typically needing more memory than japanese, even more with changes to game graphics might just not fit standard 24mb available for PSP games and running out of memory will cause missing or corrupted stuff pretty easily, sometimes only in situations not tested by the team of fan translators. So if you used fan translation, first thing I would try original, untranslated game(note you can't use savestates nor savedata made during battles to test this game between patched/unpatched) as there are no known emulation issues with this game. If the problem happens only with fan translation, you should report it to whoever made it.

A short rant on a side note about the patch for that game ~ apparently the forums where those fan translations are released never learnt from FFT0 drama or learnt the wrong idea, this game's fan translation patch is again almost as large as full game meaning contains lots of the game's copyrighted content:|. Heh... maybe they turned completely warez as they also link to PSP sony's font and blame PPSSPP for "removing it" blah - so just to clarify, PPSSPP never came with any Sony's stuff, keeping things legal was always to be or not to be of all emulators and not understanding that after soo many years of emulation history is really just dumb.

If you do use savestates, first thing to try is to save the game normally as it was designed, restarting emulation and reloading the game from that normal save. Most games aren't stable enough to play for a very long time even on real hardware and continuosly loading savestates simulates exactly such situation easy to imagine even minor issue could accumulate to serious problem when playing 98% of a very long game without breaks:].

Also just in case - if you used cheats, doesn't matter if they worked or not, your game could be broken, which if you're unlucky could even affect savedata. That's because most cheats made for psp simply speaking sucks. There were whole weird dramas around it like "patapon 3 infection" which people made stories about game anti-cheat breaking their games or hackers infecting them, and all it was just a dumb badly made cheats. If by chance a cheat broke your savedata you might be out of luck:|, but more commonly bad cheats only brake current memory state, restart and reload from normal savedata after disabling all cheats would in most cases help.:] - Custom PPSSPP Shaders! - simple CE scripts to help creating CWCheats, - CWCheat workarounds.
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