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Enabling multiple post-processing shaders at a time.
05-27-2014, 01:09 PM
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RE: Enabling multiple post-processing shaders at a time.
(05-26-2014 12:28 PM)LunaMoo Wrote:  Currently I guess nothing was done for supporting it, so only one post processing shader is possible, you can however mix multiply simpler effects in one shader without much trouble. For that you have to know a bit of GLSL(it's pretty easy to learn actually, if you already knew any kind of programming or scripting language doesn't matter how basic it was) and math, pretty much you can just take a result of one effect as an input to another one etc. remembering that some effects are counter-productive and shouldn't be used together like sharpen and blur or any other kind of AA filters.

You can also use my shader from custom shader thread which I guess you already saw:], I made it when ppsspp had only fxaa included, but it's still pretty useful thanks to ability to combine lots of different effects and being customizable as easily as editing .fsh file in any text editor, it also comes with extra descriptions, so you should really have no problems modifying it for your needs and get quite a different result from it's default settings.

Well, guess I'll try that then. Thanks :3

My specs:
Phenom X3 8450 ~2.3GHz
PowerColor HD6850 1GB
4 gigs of DDR2-800 RAM
~400GB HDD
Windows 8.0 x64
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