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mod for playstation classic save/cheats not working, need help
06-09-2020, 10:57 PM
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mod for playstation classic save/cheats not working, need help
i'm a newb when it comes to this stuff, so i apologize in advance if i miss something obvious.

i really want to play me and my katamari, so i tried going through the new PPSSPP mod. this is where i started running into the old memory card save problems i was having with retroarch, where the game freezes after i try to name my island. the way i managed to fix the problem through retroarch was i downloaded the PPSSPP assets folder and added them to the PPSSPP folder in the system folder of retroarch. where do i add the assets folder for the mod? or do i have to do something different?

i tried adding various combinations of system/assets folder to the ppsspp folder in the flash drive and got nothing.

my second question actually goes for either retroarch or the mod: there's a glitch in the game which produces lines in the distance, making it look wonky. i found a cheat workaround set by LunaMOO from github and managed to make it work on pc by editing the .ini files, but how do i apply that in retroarch and/or the mod? the retroarch version uses .cht and not .ini or cheat.db from what i can tell, so do i have to input it manually? and for the mod, do i add the cheats folder in a specific place? i tried searching these forums but i mustve missed it.

finally, im personally ok with either the retroarch cheat fix or the mod's PPSSPP memory card fix, but i have a feeling if i fix the mod first, im pretty sure im going to run into the glitch again, because it only shows up after the first couple levels. as for the retroarch fix, i feel that would be awesome and convenient, but the mod runs soooo much better, and id like to play through that instead

thanks everyone, you're doing great work!
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