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PhoenixStudio release announcement - Henrik - 02-07-2014 07:58 PM

So here we go, I've released my old music app PhoenixStudio for Android!

Yes, it's a bit dated and yes, it's really, really fiddly to use on phone screens without a stylus, but that's just what it is. Just wanted it out there, I know it has some old fans Smile

Here's the link:

Load the demo songs (they were all created directly in PhoenixStudio on a PocketPC 12 years ago...), play them, then click New Song and have fun!


[Image: screen_phone_1.png]

RE: PhoenixStudio release announcement - Henrik - 02-07-2014 08:59 PM

Noob tutorial:

* New song
* Press play
* Turn Reson. up to max (drag upwards)
* Pull EnvAmt down, and reduce Decay a bit.
* Play with Cutoff and EnvAmt for awesome 303-style shenanigans!
* Go to the mixer and turn on Dist for fun

Then explore the rest of the app, or read the manual: