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Phone Stand/Dock/Mount/Holder [DIY/Bought] - RandSergeant - 11-04-2013 07:25 AM

Let's discuss about making a Phone Stand/Dock/Mount/Holder, whether it's DIY or bought from eBay or Amazon, etc

my DIY Smartphone Landscape Holder version 1
[Image: 535589_10151938260950762_1883656920_n_zps6c86b8c3.jpg]

version 2 ( fixed version one's weakness, which needs 4 parts to work )
[Image: 1456789_10151940901665762_181049262_n_zps2f28fe82.jpg]

version 3 ( i have no idea what happened, eventually it became like this )
[Image: 1385207_10151943814655762_2070014627_n_zps9e478038.jpg]

my inspiration

i hope someone eventually makes a DIY PS3 Controller Phone Mount, lol
i need some idea and inspiration for that

edit : some of you might underestimate version 3, but version 3 is by far the most sturdy one out of the three ( i even found how crossbow worked in the process, lol )
IF you're thinking i'm showing off, i just wants share my creation and to inspire others to make one too o-o

RE: Phone Stand/Dock/Mount/Holder [DIY/Bought] - globe94 - 11-05-2013 01:07 PM

awesome !
i like version 3 !
perfect for gaming with joystick or just watching movie..

RE: Phone Stand/Dock/Mount/Holder [DIY/Bought] - RandSergeant - 11-06-2013 04:29 AM

thanks ;w;
you can try making it with binder clips too
complicated it may look, but it's actually kinda fun after you get hang of it

just randomly do it doesn't matter, we get exp from beating slimes too