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RE: Ragnarok Tactics - Alerion25 - 11-11-2016 10:45 AM

I have a problem in the game ragnarok tactics, when i cast a spell or skill, it stops midway of the casting but the game is still running i mean it didn' hang or lag or crash it justs standing there and continuing casting skills i even wait for 10 mins and still casting skill

RE: Ragnarok Tactics - LunaMoo - 11-11-2016 07:38 PM

Does it happen only at some specific place/specific skills?

If not, then I can't reproduce it, at least on desktop with windows seems to work perfectly fine, no idea how it works on other platforms.

Issue like that could be caused by some game breaking setting ~ to name a few: multithreading, changing emulated psp cpu clock, read to memory rendering modes, timer hack etc. or some broken CWCheats ~ even ones working on psp might fail on emulator due to mix of games running differently and cheats being badly made.
Eventually even by playing for a very long time using exclusively savestates ~ without reloading the game from normal in-game saves after restarting emulation as in general no game is bug free, console/handheld games are no exception.
Another possibility is file corruption ~ including install data if used(which is pointless waste of space to begin with), by some statistics from reports we had, broken iso's are actually very common problem ~ especially on mobiles.

So disable cheats, restore default settings(option for that in system menu), then restart emulation and reload game from normal save. If that wouldn't help, redumping iso/getting fresh eboot from PS Store would be the next thing to try.

RE: Ragnarok Tactics - Alerion25 - 11-12-2016 01:24 AM

I tried to troubleshoot it my self already but nothing happen and i finish the firdt battle and try anither specific event but still the same and i even try to reset, reinstall and download another cso. file and still not working but before it is working.Whem i just accidentally click on the "install game" button , i tried to click it again hoping that it will revert what i did but sadly still the same ,, thanks for the reply

RE: Ragnarok Tactics - LunaMoo - 11-12-2016 01:52 PM

Don't pirate games, since pirates doesn't give a f about preserving older games and share broken copies, causing false reports that wastes everyones time;]. Only dumping fresh iso from original UMD, or grabbing pbp from fresh package from PS Store will give a proper copy of PSP game which then not working could point towards actual issues.

Also if you did used install data from pirated game, go to Tools->savedata manager and remove Ragnarok Tactics Install data or reinstall from properly made copy as that could be causing the problem. In fact exact same shit happens to some users playing Tactics Ogre and I suspect it's also due to broken pirated copies since it's not a ppsspp problem.
Install data is most of the time useless for non-UMD copies and even when it does unlock something special most people wouldn't know about it, so people probably just rip/stub that data which is not hard to imagine would cause freezes, hangs and endless waiting problems whenever game tries to load anything from it.