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The Red Star - paijo - 09-10-2013 12:17 AM

The Red Star (USA)
type: cso
status: in game, sound OK, control pad down and up problem in menu, analog OK, character and enviroment doesnt appear, but we can hear the game sound.

Device: Android, dual core 1ghz, powervr sgx531

RE: The Red Star - n1dminhd - 03-24-2014 10:02 AM

-Title : The red star
-Region : NPEH00024
-Format : ISO
-Version : 0.9.8-98
-OS : Window7 (32 bit)
-Compatibility : the game is still running but black screen

RE: The Red Star - n1dminhd - 11-10-2014 10:50 AM

(03-24-2014 10:02 AM)n1dminhd Wrote:  -Title : The red star
-Region : NPEH00024
-Format : ISO
-Version : 0.9.8-98
-OS : Window7 (32 bit)
-Compatibility : the game is still running but black screen

PPSSPP v0.9.9.1-850-g01c2b88 still the same
Please Fix !

RE: The Red Star - Boondock Saint - 11-10-2014 02:23 PM

I think that the problem is that the emulator renders the whole thing (levels, models etc) but that black overlay prevents us from seeing anything. If someone could just get rid of that black overlay that would be great. That other psp emulator out there renders the game 100% if that is any consolation.

RE: The Red Star - Boondock Saint - 07-10-2015 01:18 PM

I decided to try out this game in the latest git and it still shows black screen between the HUD and the game itself, the curious thing is that I tried software rendering and it still gives me the same issue.

RE: The Red Star - n1dminhd - 07-17-2015 07:20 AM

Please ! Fix

The Red Star (Disc ID: NPUH10040) - thecatdidit - 04-27-2016 08:01 PM

Title: The Red Star
Disc ID: NPUH10040
App Version: PPSSPP Gold 1.2.0
OS: Android 4.4.4
Device: GPD XD (running LegacyROM)


The game loads to the start screen with no issue. All menu options are accessible and responding correctly.

However, as with many others, once the actual game kicks off, most of the in-action display is just black. As you move the character about, though, you can hear all the actions and sound effects, and they all appear to be responding in realtime to the game.

RE: The Red Star - LunaMoo - 12-04-2016 01:04 AM

For those that doesn't track ppsspp developement, this game problem is already solved by this, however we don't know if that's what actually happens on psp and if it doesn't, it will need a different solution.

Either way I made a cwcheat version of it, in case someone wants to just play it, or has to use older ppsspp version since support was dropped for some outdated platforms recently.
_S NPUH-10040
_G The Red Star
_C0 Skip #16+ projection matrix data
_L 0xE009B804 0x0015BDB0
_L 0x2015BDB0 0x0E200800
_L 0x2015BCC0 0x0E200800
_L 0x20002000 0x7C92B804
_L 0x20002004 0x03E00008
_L 0x20002008 0x26520010
_L 0x201674E8 0x0E200803
_L 0x2000200C 0xAD0A0000
_L 0x20002010 0x03E00008
_L 0x20002014 0x25290010
_C0 Skip #16+ projection matrix data [Disable]
_L 0x2015BDB0 0x7C92B804
_L 0x2015BCC0 0x7C92B804
_L 0x201674E8 0xAD0A0000
The game is fully playable with the branch above(finished it once including all arenas), didn't really tested the cwcheat version of it much, but should work alike.

RE: The Red Star - Boondock Saint - 12-05-2016 05:44 PM

thanks a ton!!!

RE: The Red Star - LunaMoo - 01-28-2017 03:37 PM

The change mentioned above was just merged, so this game should be officially playable starting with v1.3-420-g14d2bf5.