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Multithreaded on android... - ckgbr - 09-03-2013 05:30 PM

Is the multithreading on android working?
I just tested Tekken 6 at 2 device, both with frameskip at 3 and Hardware transform off...
A Galaxy S4 i9500 (exynos) and I got about 50% at speed with no multithreding and 35% with it on.
With Galaxy Note 2, I got about 70% at speed with multithreding on and 35% with it off.
So the optimization of multithreading is diferent for those devices?
Or when I turn on multithreading at S4, the CPU demand go down and it swith A15 cores to A7 cores???
Is there any way to keep A15 core always on to play PPSSPP???
Thanks in advance.
Great work with the best emulator ever...