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READ BEFORE POSTING - MrZackarius - 12-03-2012 08:31 PM

Before posting reports for games please check the following:

1. Is there already a thread for the game? If so please report there so that we only have one thread per game.
Only give the results only if the game shows at least a boot screen or a menu. If screen is black, it crashes before anything else, etc. don't report it. We already have a looong list of games to fix, so adding one to the list would be useless.

2. The subject should be as follows:
Name of Game [Operating System][Version of PPSSPP][Compatability]

3. The post should contain the following:
  • Title
  • Genre
  • Region (US, EU, JP)
  • Format (ISO, CSO, EBOOT)
  • Version
  • Game ID if you have it (names like ULES..., stuff like that)
  • OS
  • Compatability (Intro, Menus, Ingame, Playable, Perfect) * Choose only one.
  • Notes (If any)
  • Screenshots (Optional)
  • Logs(If on PC)

For Example:

Topic Title: [Android/Windows][v0.4][Playable] The Impossible Game

Title: The Impossible Game
Genre: Musical Platformer
Region: US
Format: ISO
Version: v0.4
OS: Android/Windows
Compatibility: Playable
Notes: Only Missing music and most sounds

It's understandable if you can't give all the information in certain cases; however, the more information that you can provide clearly, the better for everyone to understand the status of the game.

Any topic not respecting these rules will be locked.