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Ridge Racer 2 Options - fixxwiss - 04-28-2022 07:37 PM

Hello there! I've seen people play RR2 through recently, and got the idea for me and my friend to try and play some ourselves, But with about three days of finagling with the Network options, swapping offsets and other options and no dice. So i come with a question, as i do know people can play the game emulator to emulator, is there any options that make or break RR2 specifically? Are we missing something stupidly obvious to making it tick as it should?

I appreciate the help in advance!

RE: Ridge Racer 2 Options - AdamN - 05-04-2022 12:20 PM

Normally (for any games) you only need to Enable WLAN, Enable UPnP (when playing over public Adhoc Server), and optionally Enable built-in AdhocServer (when playing on LAN/VPN) and leave the rest of the settings as default. (default port offset is 10000 now)

Most of the issue when playing over public Adhoc Server(ie. are related to port-forwarding/blocked port (high probability), and port offset (low probability)

Some System settings(ie. Force real clock sync) may also affects multiplayer, you can find them out from

Additionally, try using the latest dev build from since it have the most up-to-date fixes
If it still doesn't work, you probably need to use VPN like radminVPN/hamachi/zerotier one