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motogp online race result bug - irul06 - 02-13-2021 11:13 AM

Hi, me and my friends were playing motogp ppsspp online via zerotier one, but the race result had a bug. In the race I was p3 but listed p1, this also happened to the other player. And sometimes the other player was like "blinking" during the race, idk if it was because of the network connection or what. How can we solve this?

my setting :

simulate block transfer effect off
frameskip 1
auto frameskip on

enable networking/wlan on
wlan channel auto
send discord on
enable built in pro adhoc server on
ip depend the host
upnp off
port offset 1500
minimum timeout 0
faster tcp off
ffc off

fast memory off
i/o on thread off
force real clock sync on