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Rewind doesn't work on android chromebook? - mepster - 11-06-2020 04:50 AM

I have gotten really spoiled with the Rewind function MacOS!

But I find that Rewind is missing from the Control Mapping settings on the Chromebook (Android)?

See attached screenshots:

On MacOS, after "Pause", there is "Frame advance", "Rewind", and "Audio/Video recording"... before "Save State".

On Chromebook, there is nothing between "Pause" and "Save State".

Both are PPSSPP 1.10.3. (The MacOS version of 1.10.3 I built myself following the very clear build instructions.)

Both have "System / Rewind snapshot frequency (mem hog)" set to 300.

Was Rewind left out of Android (on Chromebook) on purpose for some reason (I kind of doubt it Huh)?


P.S. The Chromebook is also missing a few other menu items in "System", e.g., "Record display" and a few others.

RE: Rewind doesn't work on android chromebook? - mepster - 11-12-2020 07:51 PM

Investigating my own question:

I got the behavior above (no Rewind function available) in PPSSPP 1.10.3 installed on a chromebook from the Google Play Store - i.e., the Android version although running on a Chromebook.

Today I found that I also see no Rewind function in the menus on an Android phone.

I tried building the Linux version of PPSSP 1.10.3 on the Chromebook - then Rewind is available.

So that makes it appear to be an Android-specific behavior, not a Chromebook-specific behavior. However, it surprises me that Rewind would be left out of the Android version of PPSSP... but that I could not find any comments online about it.

RE: Rewind doesn't work on android chromebook? - [email protected]_ - 01-13-2021 12:11 PM

Está última atualização tem tido muitos problemas com áudio, variações de BUGS no áudio..