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Lord of Arcana EUR - WenSan - 07-17-2020 11:20 AM

There seems to be an issue with the multiplayer, my friend and I tried playing this game on our android devices,
Whenever we enter the guild, the game just crashes and all I get is a black screen and also unable to access the ppsspp menu and the same goes for my friend.

I had this problem on my Android Device Oppo F11,
And also on my Oppo Neo7 and Oppo F1S.

I tried it on my PC, and older Laptops Toshiba i3 and HP i5 but is working well, and multiplayer is running smoothly.

The problem seems to be on Android Devices or Moblie devices.

I already tried tweaking alot of settings but to no avail, why is this?

I hope that this gets fixed, I prefer playing on mobile with a controler than on my pc and laptop.

RE: Lord of Arcana EUR - Diamond64 - 07-24-2020 11:23 AM

Naruto Shippuden lengend Ataksuki Rising the have a black screen when I tried to start the game.

RE: Lord of Arcana EUR - JacksonTucker - 01-18-2021 05:40 AM

sometimes you can`t move after loading -> save -> quit the game -> start it again -> next time i give it a try into Lan with my friend and will give an update here q I managed to notice that the game crashes due to a random event.

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RE: Lord of Arcana EUR - WenSan - 01-24-2021 03:41 AM

Is this a problem or a bug within the ANDROID version of ppsspp emulator?

If it is then I hope that this gets brought up to the Developer of PPSSPP so that it can get fixed.

This game is fun to play solo or with friends and I hope that it gets fixed.

RE: Lord of Arcana EUR - Verymelon Benda - 01-24-2021 04:27 PM

PPSSPP latest git build, already fixed that issue. Smile

RE: Lord of Arcana EUR - WenSan - 01-31-2021 03:26 PM

@Verymelon Benda,
The 1711 build of ver. 1.10.3?
Isn't this an on proccess build and still not the final build? Does it not have bugs n stuff?

Anyways thanks for the heads-up, much appreciated, I'm just gonna try it.

RE: Lord of Arcana EUR - WenSan - 02-06-2021 10:59 PM

Problem still persists on Android, and sometimes kicks the other players out.