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PPSSPP 1.10 - Henrik - 06-27-2020 12:24 PM

PPSSPP 1.10 is finally here. Not to be confused with 1.1! 10 major releases since 1.0, that's quite something. Thanks to everybody who has helped and made this possible.

Rollout has started - if you're on Android you'll automatically be updated within a week.

A selection of what has changed since 1.9:

Graphics and compatibility fixes (#12800, #12670, #12635, #12857, #12941, #11898, #12695, more)
Assorted minor performance improvements, game load speedup (#12462, #12652)
Screen inset (notch) support on Android (#12779)
Analog stick support for menu navigation (#12685)
Fixed audio glitches in SDL builds (#12916, #12920)
Support more languages in in-game dialogs (#12702). Croatian language added to PPSSPP.
Simple multiplayer chat (#12667)
More advanced postprocessing (multipass, parameters) (#12905, #12901)
Add PPSSPP-specific CWCheat (#12816, #12912)
Reintroduce Cardboard VR, allow more resolutions (#12449, #8714)
Fix some crashes (#12908, #12876)
Ghost in the Shell graphics fixed (JIT inaccuracy with inf*0) (#12519)
Mac build now supports Vulkan on top of MoltenVK (#12583)
Raspberry Pi 4 EGL crash fixed (#12474)
VSync now supported on all backends, frame duplication option added for 30 Hz games (#12659, #12602)
Camera supported on Windows, Linux and Mac (still no microphone though) (#12572, #12580, #12607)
Darkstalkers fixed and working through software rendering. SW rendering fixed on GLES 2.0 (#12443, #12898)
Hot Shots Golf slowdown and flicker on Vulkan fixed (#12873, #12746)
Pangya Golf crashes and hangs fixed (#12718)
Allow rebinding of right touch screen analog (#12486)
Add option to prevent mipmaps from being dumped (#12818)
Tilt control now have a base radius to help with deadzone (#12756)
Mappable auto rotating analog stick to pass some game checks (#12749)
Touch control position can now be snapped to a grid (#12517)
HiDPI retina display support (#12552)
Rapid-fire on touch control (#12601)
Toggle mute button (#12643)
Add option to resize game icons and more (#12646, #12637)
Frames in-flight now configurable to reduce input lag at the cost of speed (#12660)
Add toggle mode to combo button (#12623)
SDL mouse support, Qt menu upgrades (#12612, #12817)
Real support for chinese patched version of Hatsune Miku Project Diva Extend (#13007)
Some minor kernel module support (#13028, #12225, #13026, #13004, #13038, #13023)
Fixed fullscreen toggling with Vulkan in SDL builds (#11974)

RE: PPSSPP 1.10 - D-Mac - 06-27-2020 02:44 PM

This fixed Resistance Retribution?

RE: PPSSPP 1.10 - Terminator - 06-27-2020 05:58 PM

Still going strong all these years later!

RE: PPSSPP 1.10 - DaveTheMan - 06-28-2020 06:57 AM

Fantastic to see a New Official Release

RE: PPSSPP 1.10 - [email protected] - 06-28-2020 12:24 PM

Thanx for this future

RE: PPSSPP 1.10 - Razielkain - 06-29-2020 07:40 PM

So how do you use cheats on the PC version

RE: PPSSPP 1.10 - LunaMoo - 06-29-2020 07:56 PM

The same as before, there was no change in how cheats work, but we now have special CWCheat code types existing only in PPSSPP which supports game modding by adding vibrations(windows/Xinput only now, but people are free to implement alternative vibrations for different platforms) and post process shaders control from in-game triggers.

So for example someone could make cheats to add vibration when player character get's attacked and add some vignette effect reducing vision or changing colors when hp drops, it's just another way to enhance games, but similary to texture replacement or even normal cheats, it needs community to make use of it.

You can read more about those code types in the pull requests they were added in:
- Vibration cheats (#12816),
- Shader cheats(#12912).

Both basically allow setting some forced value by using separate test cheats or read values from specific location in memory for more advanced control, basically first option is for simple things like - if X happens, Y activates, while the read from memory versions will in most cases require custom assembly scripts to prepare the values based on whatever we want, but will give smooth control over the effects for potentially better results.

Edit: and if you never used cwcheats to begin with - here's CWC support thread, basically enable cheats in system settings, then on pause menu you will be able to enter cheat menu, open cheat file to paste some cheats or import them from one of those PSP databases(warning, many cheats from large PSP databases will not work or break games, even on real PSP), then just activate cheats in that cheat menu, it's really simple.

RE: PPSSPP 1.10 - GringoStar - Today 05:34 AM

There is a black statu bar in game ppssp v1.10