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Issue | Switch PPSSPP | Stand-Alone | PSP System Font - TheAliceJ - 05-31-2020 07:41 PM

Hello all,

There are a selection of games (including Lunar Silver Star Harmony) which I notice launch in RetroArch's core for PPSSPP but not under the standalone version of PPSSPP on the Nintendo Switch.

These titles while loading on RetroArch fail to display any in-game dialogue and all areas where text would be displayed is missing. This makes an RPG such as Lunar completely unplayable.

The common thread between all these games are that they do not use an indepent font (or fonts) in their game but instead simply utilize the PSP's internal default font. I have seen on various sites and referrenced in various videos that said default system font is treated as copyright and absent from the PPSSPP emulator.

The Switch unlike Android, Linux, or Windows devices does not have a place for fonts to be installed. I assume the issue that is causing this crash in the standalone is there is no operating system fonts to default to when none is provided. The error handler for the RetroArch is likely just ignoring that and running the game with text not displaying because there's no font to display it in.

Will there be a fix to this any time soon?

RE: Issue | Switch PPSSPP | Stand-Alone | PSP System Font - KickMeElmo - 07-27-2020 07:33 AM

You need to have the assets in place. Contrary to your assumption, the system directory does exist on switch.

If you want to use real fonts as well (for particularly sensitive games like Jeanne d'Arc), you can put those in saves/PPSSPP/PSP/flash0/font/.