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Remote play [ON]. Tutorial also. - supasayajin - 12-16-2019 07:45 PM

Just to let you know i figured Remote play work well through steam!
As i seen many peoples asking for it, here it is.

So, how it work:

_On your host machine, add PPSSPP as a "non steam game" in your steam library:
[Image: 191216093731647050.png]

_Go to your steam parameter (both, client & host)
[Image: 191216093731447181.png]

_Select Remote Play, enable it. (Optional: you can play with advanced remote play setup.)
[Image: 191216093731930629.png]

_Start both machine, on the client side, if your network is properly setup, the "Play" Button must become a "Stream" button, when you select PPSSPP.
[Image: 191216093732216408.png]

Press it. Enjoy.

You'll need a very good network, so mostly ethernet set up through your home.
You could stream from outside of your home aswell if you have got good network.
I won't help if you got trouble as steam remote play still quite new so steam discussions will be the place to ask for help Angel