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Is Snapdragon 675 not good enough for GoW - vsub_ - 10-08-2019 01:51 PM

I get a new prone(Redmi Note 7 Pro)with Snapdragon 675 and Adreno 612 but both gow games barely go above 10fps at the title screen and jump to 30 and above when I disable buffered rendering

I am using the latest beta of ppsspp and vulkan("disable shower effects" don't do much)
It's like I am playing the game like I play it for the first time on ppsspp way back while I was till on Pentium 4.

Edit:It was the rendering resolution
Setting it to Auto(1:1) is like setting it to 5x(the phone native resolution is 2130x1080)
But still,is it really not good enough?

GoW2 for PS2 while using an emulator that first emulate x86 and then emulate the PS2(which requires much more power),seems to work fine

RE: Is Snapdragon 675 not good enough for GoW - LunaMoo - 10-08-2019 07:00 PM

PS2 hacky emulators requires more power for the complex CPU emulation, but they skip everything possible for GPU emulation. It's the other way around for PPSSPP, which cpu emulation is very efficient and light, but it tries hard to render proper graphics.

This not only means PPSSPP might require stronger GPU and better graphics drivers, but also that mobile operating systems will manage power differently and based on low cpu usage could downclock everything, good place for a reminder that mobiles are not designed to run on their advertised power and apps like ppsspp have no good way of affecting how much power they will get.

RE: Is Snapdragon 675 not good enough for GoW - toddgarner - 04-29-2020 01:31 AM

Thanks for the thorough explanations, I appreciate it.

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