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Standalone ppsspp for switch issue - UselessDood - 08-01-2019 08:35 PM

First off, I'm brand new to these forums, so redirect me if need be.

So, my issue.
I've downloaded the ppsspp for switch nro, and have it both on my homebrew menu and on my home screen using nro2nsp and tinfoil.

My issue is with the installed one on the home screen: the emulator boots fine, but crashes my whole switch when I attempt to load a game. The error code given is 2168-0002, on atmosphere. This issue does not exist within my homebrew menu install.

Error: 2168-0002 when launching games on standalone ppsspp nsp
Switch firmware: 8.1.0
Atmosphere 0.9.2-master-0d840e19

I will provide more info on request, but I don't think I've missed anything out.