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that is NOT "texture upscaling" - treos - 07-08-2019 10:39 AM

i know the difference between texture upscaling and texture smoothing and this emulator uses texture SMOOTHING not upscaling.

the texture smoothing function of this emulator is just flat out hideous to look at. it's like running the textures through a shitty upscaling website that has end results that make everything like smeared across the screen.

it even affects the TEXT!

for some games, (like final fantasy 1 and 2) pixelation is part of the games aesthetic.

so, could the devs please rename the "texture upscale" feature to something more accurate? "texture filter" or "texture smear"?

here's final fantasy 2 for another example:

top pic is with the texture "upscaling" turned off, while the bottom has it turned on.

i don't even see why you'd include such a feature when it literally only makes things look far worse than they originally were.

i'll just have to tolerate Ys VII's giant pixels since there's no actual texture upscale feature here.

RE: that is NOT "texture upscaling" - AkiraJkr - 07-08-2019 07:25 PM

Firstly and foremost: No. It's not texture smoothing. Because texture smoothing would mean to take, for example, a 512x512 and smooth it, without increasing it's size to 1024x1024.

It is upscaling because it increases the size of the texture, and applies a upscaling method of your choosing, and the size YOU want.

The feature is only there for people who wish to use it, and it can certainly help disguise a bit that the game was made for handhelds, but it can't do miracles. To have a miraculous effect, would mean for a user to utilize the Texture Replacement feature on the emulator to create a texture pack faithful to the game's art, and make it look great, and high res.

RE: that is NOT "texture upscaling" - Ehis123 - 08-14-2019 12:06 PM

Please do you know to change textures on the new PPSSPP version??