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Missing PSP folder on Apps - blitzshockz - 07-21-2018 12:59 AM

I have this problem where my "psp" doesn't show up in my phone anymore. It used to show up but suddenly I can't find it any more.

The folder is there when i use file explorer and even on pc but i can't find it on the apps. I'm afraid to delete the apps as there are many save file on that folder.

Please refer description for the picture.

RE: Missing PSP folder on Apps - LunaMoo - 07-21-2018 01:19 PM

If you mean that the PSP folder can't be seen only in PPSSPP game browser then it's probably because you did something weird like extracted an iso of the game into that PSP folder and it's now on a game's list under the folders since PPSSPP can run bootable folders for example for modding purposes and/or homebrew, remove it from PSP folder and PPSSPP will see it as folder again.;p