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Final fantasy II 20 Th Anniversary Edition - Gatsu99 - 06-01-2018 11:31 AM

_S ULJM-05245
_G Final Fantasy II 20th Anniversary Edition [JP]

_C0 After Battle, Recover HP
_L 0x2013683C 0x9603001A
_L 0x20136844 0x9603001C

_C0 Always Encounter
_L 0x20092B70 0x53E0003E

_C0 Full Bestiary
_L 0x813976E0 0x00AB0001
_L 0x10008001 0x00000000

_C0 Have All Items
_L 0x81397358 0x001F0001
_L 0x00000010 0x00000001
_L 0x81397377 0x009D0001
_L 0x00000032 0x00000001
_L 0x81397427 0x00BC0001
_L 0x00000050 0x00000000

_C0 HP Max Firion
_L 0x11397164 0x0000270F

_C0 HP Max Guy
_L 0x11397260 0x0000270F

_C0 HP Max Leon
_L 0x113972DE 0x0000270F

_C0 HP Max Maria
_L 0x113971E2 0x0000270F

_C0 HP Now Firion
_L 0x11397162 0x0000270F

_C0 HP Now Guy
_L 0x1139725E 0x0000270F

_C0 HP Now Leon
_L 0x113972DC 0x0000270F

_C0 HP Now Maria
_L 0x113971E0 0x0000270F

_C0 Max Gil
_L 0x2139734C 0x0098967F

_C0 Max Number of Steps
_L 0x21397348 0x0098967F

_C0 Max Status Firion
_L 0x8139716A 0x00030001
_L 0x10006363 0x00000000

_C0 Max Status Guy
_L 0x81397266 0x00030001
_L 0x10006363 0x00000000

_C0 Max Status Leon
_L 0x813972E4 0x00030001
_L 0x10006363 0x00000000

_C0 Max Status Maria
_L 0x813971E8 0x00030001
_L 0x10006363 0x00000000

_C0 Monster Picture Book All
_L 0x413976E0 0x00550001
_L 0x03E703E7 0x00000000
_L 0x11397834 0x000003E7

_C0 MP Max Firion
_L 0x11397168 0x000003E7

_C0 MP Max Guy
_L 0x11397264 0x000003E7

_C0 MP Max Leon
_L 0x113972E2 0x000003E7

_C0 MP Max Maria
_L 0x113971E6 0x000003E7

_C0 MP Now Firion
_L 0x11397166 0x000003E7

_C0 MP Now Guy
_L 0x11397262 0x000003E7

_C0 MP Now Leon
_L 0x113972E0 0x000003E7

_C0 MP Now Maria
_L 0x113971E4 0x000003E7

_C0 Music Player
_L 0x013D0D8B 0x00000002
_L 0x013D0D94 0x00000002

_C0 No Encounters
_L 0x20092B70 0x5000003E

_C0 Normal Encounter Rate
_L 0x20092B70 0x5020003E