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Requesting 2 Features - Smoker1 - 02-12-2018 07:20 PM

1: Cheat Creating, including Pointer Searching
2: Ability to Map Right Stick to Left Stick for Controllers or GPD/JXD Devices

RE: Requesting 2 Features - SiameseQuark - 02-15-2018 01:00 PM

(02-12-2018 07:20 PM)Smoker1 Wrote:  2: Ability to Map Right Stick to Left Stick for Controllers or GPD/JXD Devices

Goto Settings\Controls, Control Mapping link at top of list.

Analog Up/Analog Down/Analog Left/Analog Right can be mapped to any button/axis.
Click + to create a new assignment, or an existing assignment to override it.

This has worked for me with Analog stick 2 on DS3 and Xbone controllers. Win10, Current PPSSPP release.

RE: Requesting 2 Features - AkiraJkr - 02-15-2018 07:28 PM

(02-12-2018 07:20 PM)Smoker1 Wrote:  1: Cheat Creating, including Pointer Searching

I believe CWCheat is a thing. And you can create a cheat by enabling cheats first, then going to the game, pause it, and add the new cheat you want.

RE: Requesting 2 Features - LunaMoo - 02-16-2018 09:45 AM

Control mapping exists from like forever as noted above and allows mapping pretty much anything to everything.

CWCheats as mentioned are also supported, however "cheat making" features will more than likely never be implemented, unless someone new does it. Good to remember PPSSPP is an open source software and that does not equal to "request_a_feature_for_others_to_ implement-software".;p
Cheat creation is not an automatic process, PPSSPP is full of debug information which people who know how to create cheats can use to create anything they want, not even stopping at dumb money/god mode stuff, but as many times proven also better things like game enhancements like right analog stick or fps patches, emulation glitches workarounds and even fan translations.
To me for example pointers are practically useless, it takes no effort to create my own pointer or find existing pointer using ppsspp disassembly and even then I wouldn't bother, because it's much better to patch the game code to do everything as it's much faster(and lighter where performance matters), much safer(as a bonus also tends to be compatible with psp despite emulation differences) and much easier to debug in case of typos than using some counter-intuitive code type to patch variables in memory. I would never be motivated to spend XX hours of my life writing an feature I consider useless just to make life easier to people who are unwilling to learn, especially for something like cheats which caused and continues to cause a lot of problems exactly due to people unwilling to learn what they're actually doing(if the learning doesn't involve holding hands and video tutorials).

The only problem that some might have is that most stuff exists or is easily accessible only for windows version or might be in limited form available on other platforms only for QT builds(which are inferior and overall not maintained), but again it's open source software and there's nothing that stops for example linux or android users to add platform specific things they need in a way they find comfortable.