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Gamepad Logitech Precision Ubuntu 16.04 - _tuxs_ - 12-30-2017 04:05 PM


I have a precision logitech gamepad with a ubuntu 16.04 and psp emulator version 1.5.4, the gamepad works well with car games (Need for Speed Underground, Asphalt Urban, etc) but with PES2017, Prince of Persia, the direction buttons of the Digital crosshead do not work, only the action buttons work.

I have configured the gamepad with all its buttons in psp emulator> settings> controllers, the ubuntu rejoystick system utility recognizes all the address buttons correctly.

I do not know why in some games the direction buttons work well and in others it does not recognize them.

thanks in advance

RE: Gamepad Logitech Precision Ubuntu 16.04 - ZeroX4 - 01-02-2018 09:16 AM

i dont know if this is ur case but some games have only analog or dpad support

like for example i think castlevania let you controll character only with dpad or analog one at a time

ur option would be to make configuration for game where analog and dpad are mapped to same functions if thats even possible

but well i can be wrong

RE: Gamepad Logitech Precision Ubuntu 16.04 - _tuxs_ - 01-02-2018 09:26 AM

I discovered that in Prince of Persia the gamepad does not work well in the main menu, but I can move the keyboard for all the menus, in the game move the hero with the dpad perfectly.

QA or die.