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Control question - SenTex - 12-08-2017 08:38 AM

Is it possible to make ppsspp detect my mouse for the analog?

Sorry if this is the wrong place for this question

RE: Control question - GuilhermeGS2 - 12-08-2017 12:12 PM


RE: Control question - LunaMoo - 12-08-2017 05:51 PM

Mouse is not analog stick, hence can't be "detected" as one. We can at most translate mouse movement to analog stick(or any other controls for that matter), but it generally will suck even worse than it should because of how PSP thumbstick was used by most games and the only way to improve it would be by game specific patches(like the one I made for MGS: PW ;p).

Either way to map mouse you first have to enable mouse control on the bottom of settings->controls screen. It's only done for windows through, so if you're from any other platform that also uses rodents for input like linux/mac you're out of luck as nobody from those platforms cared to implement it as of now.