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PPSSPP from 1.3-1.4.2 crash on my game. - Diablo150 - 09-12-2017 07:59 PM

Hello to everyone reading this post and thank you for being interested in helping me out.

So i have been using PPSSPP version 1.3 since now without any issues whatsoever on the game called " k-on houkago live ". I notice that an update is available and decide to do so.

I made an entirely new folder with the 1.4.2 folders inside of it.

I start to run my game smoothly and play a couple of songs. Then i wish to save and here comes the issues ; my game suddenly freezes with the sound still playing in the background. I then,decide to reload the save to see if it were only an issue within the program itself and not the save. To which i see that everytime i decide to load that perticular save,it will instantly freeze the game just as stated above.

I decide to load a different save made earlier and try to save it again. And would you look at that,the same error above occurs! So basically,everytime i try to save,my program freezes without being able to do anything whatsoever.

The only temporarely fix i have found so far,is to use the game itself's save option.

I tested again on the 1.3 version and i have no problems with saving and loading a fresh save. So the only conclusion is that there is a problem within the 1.4.2 patch to make my game freeze everytime i save and try to load the freshly saved file.

If anybody has gotten the same problem with a different game,please do make a reply so that we can extend the issue to the moderators.

Thank you very much for reading and i hope this report will help to fix this issue!