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playing ppsspp for xperia play button - [email protected] - 11-20-2012 08:47 AM

let me teach u all how to playing ppsspp for xperia play button..first u must download gamekeyboard for google play or other web..u phone must be root..then u open gamekeyboard click step one mark the game keyboard..step 2 select input method u click game keyboard..step 3 must sure u using gamekeyboard..then step 4 u change setting..then u select touchscreen mode(must be root)..then select select gamepad..then click 8 button..then mark re-map hardkey..then select hardkey mapping..
mapping 1 D-Pad => Gamepad A
mapping 2 Circle= Gamepad B
mapping 3 Gamepad X => Gamepad X
mapping 4 Gamepad Y => Gamepad Y
mapping 5 Gamepad select => Gamepad C
mapping 6 Gamepad start => Gamepad Z
then customize layour mark layout edit mode to edit the mapping key to touchscreen button..if u dun understand..u can see the video for youtube.. (sry for my broken english)