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Toradora Crashing - Jaycchi - 10-02-2016 12:48 PM

It is playable, until middle of the game it just crashed, And now i can't make any progress to the game.. i tried every settings, i tried it on my dads phone (samsung s6) on my moms (iphone 6s) and on my pc it just crashes

Any help??

RE: Toradora Crashing - Tabris666 - 10-15-2016 04:30 AM

maybe you could try jpcsp if you know how to setup each game,i have had some problems with ppsspp because some games wont work at all but they work perfectly on jpcsp (fairy tail portable guild 2,monster hunter portable 3rd,god eater 1.01,god eater 2 1.4 and like that)
remember emulation is not perfect sometimes it works and others dont just trace back to which version it worked fine (main reason to keep old versions even if there are updates) for example i use 0.9.7 because i the only one that plays ikkitousen games fine and save perfectly but there is an error now so they wont save (imposible to finish because after finish you have to save and reset the game and you need to save to unlock chars) or for example tekken wont work now just a black screen but it worked before on 0.9.7