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Proper settings build for high-end games - Orisum - 08-29-2016 10:51 AM

Okay, so I'll go through a list of settings that you should set to play the high-end psp games.


1. Skip buffer effects

2. Simulate block transfer effects > off

3. Frameskipping > 1

4. Auto frameskipping > off (For your own good, never enable O.O)

5. Prevent fps from exceeding 60 > Off (Actually helps tbh)

6 Alternative speed > 25 - 35 (Anywhere between there drastically removes lag)

7. Display resolution > Native device resolution

8. Mipmapping > Off

9. Hardware transform > On

10. Software skinning > Off (I leave it off, but this can be bad or good depending on your device)

11. Vertex catch > On

12. Lazy texture > On

13. Disable slower effects > On

14. Spline/bezier > Low


1, Audio latency > Low (Set to high and it may stop crackling, you'll get crackling on high end games if you have a low end device)

2. Audio sync > On (Set off it may stop crackling if combined with high latency, but again on high end games you're likely to get it anyways)

3. Sound speed hack > Off (Idk what this is, just don't bother with it)


Okay, here is important, the typical PSP has processing power of 333, which is almost on par to ps2 (ps2 always is on the same gpu clock speed but psp can be anywhere from 0 to 333)

1. Set the GPU clock to 333

2. Fast memory > On (If you want even faster gaming, set it off)

3. I/0 timing method > Host

That's it for my specific features, I run a really low end Android phone, but I can even play monster hunter freedom unit with little to no problems (Still can't fix that crackling noise Sad ) But if you have higher end devices, you probably can use these options and have no problems.

RE: Proper settings build for high-end games - Efraim Lopes - 11-14-2016 09:18 PM

Putting Fast memory to off don't make the games faster, when i'ts on the emulator ignore some errors in memory then the game runs a bit faster, but sometimes this can cause crashes which rarely happens.