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WARNING: Battery saving mode is on - flawless911 - 08-20-2016 12:00 AM

I get this warning in d new ppsspp builds after v1.2.2-771
Due to this warning I get seriously poor performance in games
Is there a way to turn off this warning in the new builds?

RE: WARNING: Battery saving mode is on - [Unknown] - 08-20-2016 01:20 AM

The warning is just telling you that battery saving mode is on. The actual battery saving mode is in your system settings somewhere. It means -

1. You have power/battery saving enabled on a Galaxy or HTC device. Turn it off.
2. You have battery saving enabled on a newer Lollipop or higher device. This is usually pretty obvious. Switch it off.
3. You have less than 20% battery power remaining. Charge your device.

PPSSPP is actually not doing much differently. Inside PPSSPP, the detection of power saving mode affects exactly two things:

A. It shows a notice so you can know to go into your phone's settings and disable it.
B. If you report game compatibility, it skips calculating a CRC of your ISO.

PPSSPP doesn't intentionally slow down when battery saving is enabled. However, your operating system does do this and PPSSPP can't make it stop.


RE: WARNING: Battery saving mode is on - flawless911 - 08-20-2016 05:29 AM

I use a Galaxy S5 on 6.0.1, I never usr Battery saving mode because I hate it.. Aniway, I went through my settings just to be sure and the only thing I could do is to disable Doze for PPSSPP (screenshot below), but I still get the warning

What checks exactly does PPSSPP do to determine this battery saver mode? I really wish to disable it permanently because it's slightly annoying (forgive me).. Thanks for your fast reply

And after some even further testing, since u said that the Battery Saver warning has no impact on performance, I'm sorry to report that there's a 20% decrease in Performance in the new build compared to my last build without this battery saver warning (build 771)

Using FIFA 14 as a test case, on build 771, I get a steady 95-100% speed in-match, but running the latest build, I get 70-80% speed in-match

I noticed this radical FPS hits ever since the build with that "Memory card Inserted" option in System settings, and Battery saver warning, was released.. I can't remember the build exactly, but that is the reason why I've held on to this Build 771 because it's the last build I have with fantastic performance on my S5

Thanks so much for your hardwork devs.. I'm a Big Fan ?

RE: WARNING: Battery saving mode is on - [Unknown] - 08-20-2016 03:11 PM

The message doesn't impact performance because it's only a message. However, the "battery saver" feature of your phone does affect performance for sure.

PPSSPP checks:

* If "user_powersaver_enable" is set to "1" (HTC)
* If "psm_switch" is set to "1" (Samsung)
* If Android's "POWER_SERVICE" returns true for "isPowerSaveMode" (only on Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat, etc.)
* If Android sends a "ACTION_BATTERY_LOW" notification to the app (e.g. battery is below 20%.)

If the message is really untrue, then perhaps you have "psm_switch" set to 1, but your device no longer uses it since the upgrade? I'm not sure.

Anyway, if you're seeing a performance problem, try to find the first build that introduced it.

For example, first try v1.2.2-815-gef95bb0 - this is when the power saving mode was introduced. Next, you said v1.2.2-771-gd0b8e83 was not slower. There were several different changes in that range:

In the middle of that is v1.2.2-793-ga0a4d3c - is that slower or faster? If it's not slower, you can keep trying something in the middle until you identify where it got faster or slower. It'll only take a few builds to narrow it down.

If v1.2.2-811-gea6b72d is fast, and v1.2.2-815-gef95bb0 is slow, then it means somehow asking your OS for the battery saving mode is causing things to be slower. You're running the official 6.0.1 from Samsung, right? Or did you install it custom?


RE: WARNING: Battery saving mode is on - flawless911 - 08-20-2016 08:46 PM

TL;DR: Build 774 is the last fast build, I believe the major changes from 774 to 786 affected performance negatively (20% performance hit)

Details: Before running the tests, to prevent any outside interference, I set my CPU and GPU governors to "Performance". Ensured that no apps were running (I monitored my CPU usage with "CoolTools" and made sure its was at 1% before starting the tests)
My S5 is the standard Snapdragon 801 variant
I used FIFA 14 to run the tests because it's the most sensitive to the performance hits I'm getting on the recent PPSSPP builds

Build 771 and 774 get 100% speed easily, but I noticed that there were some major changes before Build 786 was released and hence all builds going further have the same lackluster speed, struggling between 85 - 95% speed

Please note that FIFA 14 is not the only game I noticed the performance drops on, almost all my hardcore PSP games are affected by this

Thats all for now, hope this can be resolved (if possible)

RE: WARNING: Battery saving mode is on - [Unknown] - 08-20-2016 09:57 PM

I've queued v1.2.2-784-geb72a74, v1.2.2-783-ga1e815e, and v1.2.2-775-g2251c9c to be rebuilt (they failed initially because the buildbot needed an update.) They should be available on the download page soon... can you try them to narrow it down further?

Note that there are multiple 775s but g2251c9c is the one that comes after v1.2.2-774-gf4999bc. This one is unlikely to cause a performance hit but it's possible.

In v1.2.2-783-ga1e815e, we switched to using a different compiler and upgraded FFmpeg. It's possible this cause some performance hit - although I remember testing games on a Snapdragon 800 and it seemed to actually give a very slight boost due to the FFmpeg update (it's now using more optimizations when playing music.)

v1.2.2-784-geb72a74 is just a bugfix and probably won't have much difference, but might.

In v1.2.2-786-gfa3f219, we switched to SDK 24 (Nougat.) It's possible this had some performance hit, but it shouldn't have.

Most likely is the clang change but it's hard to be sure.


RE: WARNING: Battery saving mode is on - flawless911 - 08-20-2016 10:45 PM

I've tested the new Build 783 and 784, performance is still subpar.
Also, Build 775 is not available on Android, I can only see a Download option under "Windows 32bit"

EDIT: I just noticed Build 786 and 788 has been (re)uploaded, I believe am supposed to try them? Aniway, I will and I'll drop feedback

EDIT 2: Build 786 & 788 is pretty much the same as before

RE: WARNING: Battery saving mode is on - [Unknown] - 08-21-2016 02:20 PM

Could you name some other games that are affected for you, so I can try to reproduce? I mostly have JRPGs, although I do have Ridge Racer and Wipeout Pure.


RE: WARNING: Battery saving mode is on - flawless911 - 08-22-2016 08:57 AM

Well so far, using the current build 875, am getting the same performance as 774 in other games.. But only Fifa 14 is still getting framedrops in the new builds after 774.. I guess I should just let it go..

The games I tested were Prince of Persia:Rival swords and Kingdom Hearts BBS

RE: WARNING: Battery saving mode is on - [Unknown] - 08-22-2016 01:39 PM

Hmm, well, that's not great but at least it's limited. If we can discover a way to regain the performance, of course that'd be interesting.

We switched the compiler because gcc (which we were using before) isn't going to be supported for Android anymore. Everyone has to switch to clang eventually.


RE: WARNING: Battery saving mode is on - flawless911 - 08-22-2016 01:58 PM

Alright.. Thanks for yr time sir

RE: WARNING: Battery saving mode is on - flawless911 - 08-23-2016 08:38 PM

I've been able to get FIFA 14 to run faster and smoother on the latest builds by setting PPSSPP CPU clock to 60

PPSSPP Devs are the best!!!

RE: WARNING: Battery saving mode is on - Guiltygod - 10-06-2016 05:45 PM

Having the same problem on my Galaxy S5. Downloaded version 1.1.1 from f-droid and the power saving mode warning went away and my performance increased about 60%. Could hardly run some games @ 1x psp resolution/50% now I'm @1080p
/100% and never go below 99.3%.

RE: WARNING: Battery saving mode is on - [Unknown] - 10-06-2016 09:27 PM

Can you try the same git builds to confirm? The warning message is probably unrelated if an old version is showing better performance.

It's kinda like this: suppose one day they put up a sign saying "warning: children crossing" on a street near you. Afterward, you began hearing about traffic accidents several kilometers away. It's definitely because they put the sign up, right? If only they'd remove that terrible sign, all traffic accidents would stop happening.

I mean, sure, it's possible. Maybe people are being distracted by that sign, and then some time later getting into an accident. Or maybe, the sign was put up because of one problem and there are still other problems.

Lots of changes and updates were added in v1.2 and v1.3 and you didn't even say which games this was affecting.


RE: WARNING: Battery saving mode is on - TkSilver - 10-07-2016 02:00 AM

I have the same warning popping up on my Galaxy Tab S, but performance is fairly close to if not the same as 1.2.2
Hot shots golf 2
Disgaea 2
Valkyrie chronicles 3 ee

I haven't tested the others yet.

Btw I also have no power savings features on. If you know of a good tool to check a rooted device for any odd settings that could be causing the false report I would check.