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Zenfone 2 Android 6.0 port ABI missing - flagstar - 07-06-2016 02:11 PM

Hi, I'm not sure if this issue is currently being addressed or not.

I'm a beta tester for zenfone 2 official (I'm not supposed to disclose this outside of their beta forum but.. nvm) and have recently updated with beta release of Android 6.0

Right now, PPSSPP isn't working after the following upgrade from lolipop, throwing error message ABI missing x86 upon starting the app. The version I'm having this error is 1.2.2 from playstore. So far, nothing works from basic phone troubleshooting to make this work.

Version 1.1.1 somehow work but some games (trails in the sky) having some severe glitches like no sound after battle and crash afterwards. Haven't tested other games just yet but I'll try just to make sure.

If needed any more information on this problem, just tell me and I'll try to pull as much info as I can get. Thanks in advance

RE: Zenfone 2 Android 6.0 port ABI missing - [Unknown] - 07-07-2016 01:13 AM

I believe this is the x86 Android Marshmallow issue.

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