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Remote disc streaming - [Unknown] - 07-04-2016 06:31 PM

The latest git builds have a new feature, which allows streaming discs to mobile devices. This is useful when your mobile device doesn't have tons of storage.

Just wanted to give a few notes about the feature:

* It's found under Settings -> Tools -> Remote disc streaming.

* Both devices must be connected to the same wifi router / network.

* You run PPSSPP on both devices - "share" from your desktop (or any device), and "browse" from your mobile.

* Leave PPSSPP open while sharing. You don't need to stay on the sharing screen.

* The game is still emulated on the mobile device as always, only the disc is streamed to the device.

* Some storage space will still be used on the mobile device to cache data for performance reasons.

* For best results, change Settings -> System -> I/O timing method to "Host (bugs, less lag)". This will give you loading screens like on a PSP when loading data.


RE: Remote disc streaming - zakilj3 - 07-26-2016 12:59 PM

Hello I have a problem with the remote disc streaming, When I use it the first time,it worked vert well but now It doesn't find any game(My PC is connected with an ethernet cable and my phone is connected with the wifi and they both connected to the same wifi router)please help me(I use build 771 on PC and android phone)

RE: Remote disc streaming - [Unknown] - 07-29-2016 04:08 AM

On your desktop, try closing and restarting PPSSPP, and then click share again. It doesn't run anything in the background - once you close PPSSPP, it stops sharing.

It could be that if your computer goes to sleep, it stops sharing properly... if so, it's a bug, I think, but it's not something I tested.


RE: Remote disc streaming - zakilj3 - 07-29-2016 01:33 PM

Even when I close and reopen ppsspp ,it still doesn't share,I guess I will wait other build to try it but anyways, thanks for your help

RE: Remote disc streaming - zakilj3 - 08-05-2016 07:48 PM

Finally,I found a way to fix it,all I have to do is to go to ppsspp on my Android phone,then I disable and reactivate the wifi while I m using the remote disc streaming
Sorry for my english I m french

RE: Remote disc streaming - [Unknown] - 08-05-2016 07:57 PM

Thanks for reporting back - hmm, interesting. It's good to know about that workaround - maybe it'll help find what caused the issue.


RE: Remote disc streaming - alpe12 - 05-28-2018 12:59 AM

Old post, but...
How can I host the iso/cso on my raspberry pi? I already have lighttpd running on it. Tried some things, but with no success..

RE: Remote disc streaming - [Unknown] - 05-28-2018 03:18 AM

This implies that lighttpd should support range requests (possibly only for 2GB and smaller files):

It's possible you might need:

server.range-requests = "enable"

In the config file somewhere. As long as you have that, launching PPSSPP with the argument from the command line should work:

PPSSPPWindows64.exe http://ip-address-of-pi/myfile.cso

This will also add it to the recent, so if you exit the game and quit PPSSPP, it'll be in your recent list next time you start it.

If you want to actually browse multiple discs from the UI, you'll need to do a few extra things:

1. You'll need to serve an index file. You can likely do this with an "index.txt" after setting this setting to allow an index text document (e.g. add index.txt instead of index.php):

Then the contents are just like this:


Make sure there's not also an index.html - you should see the simple list when you access it via a web browser.

2. In PPSSPP, under "remote disc streaming", select Settings, then "Manually configure client". You'll need to put the IP of your raspberry pi and its port (which might just be 80.)

Now you should be able to browse without issue.


RE: Remote disc streaming - vsub_ - 12-07-2018 03:33 PM

Any ideas why my phone is not fining any games.

1.I am using 1.7.1 on my Win10 Home pc and I have 16 games on the Recent tab
2.The firewall(windows firewall)is allowing ppsspp
3.My phone is using android lollipop and I am on the same wifi and I am using 1.7.4 there

It just keep scanning and nothing happens.
I have a firewall on my phone that shows any IP connection that any program makes and PPSSPP just makes one attempt on an the IP my laptop is using( nothing else appear(I allowed all access to ppsspp)

I have one game on my phone and when I try to share it,my laptop also can't find the phone

Outside ppsspp I can make a connection between my phone<=>laptop using wifi(not Bluetooth),that's how I am transferring files sometimes at above 1mb speed

zakilj3 suggestion did not work

RE: Remote disc streaming - [Unknown] - 12-09-2018 04:42 PM

Well, you can try this:

On your laptop, go to Settings -> Tools -> Remote disc streaming -> Settings, and look at "Local server port". For example, it might be 51234.

Now, on your phone, open up Chrome or similar, and go to: (use the "local server port" from before after the ":", and the IP of your laptop before.)

If the connection is working, you should see a list of game names (it will be like a text file) in Chrome. If you don't see this, something is blocking the connection between the two.

You can also try changing the port number. Sharing must be stopped to enable editing the setting. Generally, try to make sure the port number is between 50000 and 60000. It just picks one randomly when you first start sharing.

If the connection does work, it might help to try connecting the remote debugger:

If this is able to connect, then the firewall should be working. It requires you enable remote debugging in your settings, and will probably connect to the most recently started device (so quit PPSSPP on your phone and restart it to make it connect there.) It will show log information, which might help explain what's happening when it tries to connect remote disc streaming.


RE: Remote disc streaming - vsub_ - 12-11-2018 07:03 PM

Sorry for the delay
I have no idea what is happening.
When I read your post I tried it one more time and I was able to connect but I had few problems
1.It took around half a minute to connect
2.When it finally connect,I only see empty squares instead of game icons
3.When I tried to run a game(even the cube.iso),I only get black screen and nothing loads for the next 5 minutes when I give up.

After that when I finally figure out what you mean by the debugger,then no matter what I tried I was never able to see the game list again,it just stays on "Connected,loading game list..." the same list as before with only one game

The debugger is able to connect but it is staying at the "Waiting for a game to stat"

RE: Remote disc streaming - [Unknown] - 12-12-2018 03:22 AM

Is it possible you have another device on your wifi running PPSSPP that it's connecting to?

Although this wouldn't explain the empty boxes. It sounds as if one of the devices has a weak connection to the router...


RE: Remote disc streaming - vsub_ - 12-12-2018 02:48 PM

Nothing else is connected and if I try to copy a game from my laptop to my phone using wifi,the speed is between 1-10mb while directly saving to a normal sdcard

It took me 5 minutes to copy 700mb game

RE: Remote disc streaming - vsub_ - 12-24-2018 04:10 PM

I upgrade my internet to at least 3 times faster(6-7mb per second when copying a game over wifi)and also have a new wifi router which definitely works way better than the old one but I still get the same result...really hard to connect,empty boxes instead of the game icon and when I start a screen

Do I need to run the debugger on my laptop or on my phone?

RE: Remote disc streaming - [Unknown] - 12-26-2018 05:43 PM

It should work on either.

There was an issue with ipv6 that is fixed in the latest git build. It might've caused this behavior.